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Commonly called Service Assurance, Enterprise Event Management solutions typically comprise of server- and domain-specific monitoring with log collection and analysis. Modern enterprises use this information to drive predictive analytics, correlating, aggregating, and consolidating events from various sources to reduce noise. By merging OS and application monitored data with machine learning-driven AI, it is easier to see where bottlenecks are happening or how certain devices or processes are impacting performance in the production environment.

GreenLight Group has been a Micro Focus platinium partner for the past 12 years, moving from OML and OMW, to BSM/OMi, to the current embodiment of the Operations Bridge Manager Suite. We have witnessed the evolution of MF Operations Bridge know how to use it to best optimize your business. GreenLight has helped multiple companies in a wide range of fields stay up to date and keep the tools relevant to the involved industry.  From communications for space exploration to the automobile industry to statewide lottery and gaming networks, the possibilities are endless.

GreenLight Group has the experience you need to implement MF OBM in your environment and industry while keeping it relevant to your needs.  Whether it’s a single pane of glass for your NOC, implementing technology-specific Management Packs, advanced analytics for Level 3 application support, or integrating your Best-of-Breed tools into OBM, GreenLight can create the operations solutions you need.

Let Greenlight Group take control of all your it operations management needs, and your business will soon be seeing the success and results it needs. Together we can take your business's service from good to great!

Server and Domain specific Monitoring

Get a holistic, single screen view of all events, metrics, and topology data from across your diverse portfolio of tools:

• Network Management
• Database Management
• Application(Performance) Management
• Platform Management

This monitoring allows you to access a consolidated pane of glass from desktops or mobile devices. It also empowers you to configure and automate application monitoring for today’s dynamic technical environments. The introduction of efficiency and ease into complicated enterprise operations processes is an element of great importance in our digital age, one that can significantly boost productivity.

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