Improving Organization and Performance

GITOpS uses information to drive predictive analytics, correlating, aggregating and consolidating events from various sources to reduce noise.

Database and transaction monitoring. An intelligent, systematic review of transactions is important for predictive analytics that lead to event consolidation. This is where on-demand monitoring and AI-enhanced analytics bring great value. Having the freedom to configure your own parameters and define your own rules while being able to simulate and deploy the same can tremendously improve your IT operations processes. GITOpS enterprise event management solution affords your organization the data and control necessary to free up space and greatly reduce inefficiencies.

Log collection and analysis. The generation of audit trail records or logs that document system activities make enterprise event management much simpler. This data provides information that will allow your organization to better understand users, respond to potential data breaches, and comply with a number of internal security policies and outside regulations. Log analysis is an important component of effective event management. GITOpS makes this complex IT operations process simple for any user. Providing greater visibility and reducing time with GITOpS will open up needed space for your organization.

Effortlessly Manage All the Moving Pieces

By merging OS and application monitored data with machine learning-driven AI, it is easier to see where bottlenecks are merging or how certain devices or processes are impacting performance in the production environment. GITOpS offers effective event management while seamlessly integrating with your other enterprise service management processes. GreenLight group solutions are engineered to consolidate the large cloud of IT operations responsibilities into a single, powerful platform. For inquiries about our enterprise event management solutions or any of our other IT operations tools, schedule a brief consultation below.


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