Meet the Leadership
Joe Madden
Founder, President

Joe has spent the last 25+ years entrenched in the IT Operations environments.  After a series of increasing technical responsibilities, and then management, Joe founded GreenLight Group in 2004. ​

​Joe’s vision for GreenLight is to be the premiere Engineering Services company focused around the challenges of IT Operations Management, Enterprise Service Management and Automation. Most recently Joe has been focusing on the value and challenges of what automation can bring to his customers.
Torrey Jones
Principal Consultant

Torrey has over 20 years of experience in all aspects of IT Operations.  During early portions of his career, Torrey was deeply involved in managing and monitoring thousands of systems in world-wide environments for some of the world’s largest IT organizations.  Making a transition to Service Management in the mid 2000’s, Torrey has been instrumental in numerous Fortune 50 and Fortune 1000 deployments of Enterprise Service Management solutions.  Since joining GreenLight in 2012,  Torrey has helped grow GreenLight through both his business and technical acumen and has emerged as a true thought leader in the industry.
Jay Batson
Manager of Engineering

Jay is a certified BSM/OMi/OBM Administrator with extensive experience designing, tailoring, testing, implementing and supporting OBM.  Jay joined GreenLight Group in 2010. His background includes NNMi (version 9 – current) deployment on Unix and Microsoft platforms, as well as SiteScope deployments on Windows and Linux in environments from 20 to 4000 monitors deployed. He has deployed multiple versions of BSM/OMi/OBM and integrated with NNMi, multiple SiteScope servers and various third-party tools, such as Nagios, Fog Light, Solar Winds, What’s Up Gold, Prometheus, and many more.

Dan Shallenberger
Technical Sales Manager

With a strong background in Service Management and IT Operations, Dan helps organizations improve their IT environments through carefully planned and executed projects. He bridges the gap between the business goals and the technically possible, to ensure organizational visions become a reality. He has spent the majority of his career as a consultant for some of the largest companies on the planet, helping them achieve success with applications and processes across Service Management, discovery, monitoring, automation, hybrid cloud, and business intelligence.
Matt Brown
Service Delivery Manager

Matt has spent the last 20+ years working in all aspects of IT Service Management & Operations.  Matt’s career has been one of growth through experience, training, and education.  Those experiences have included Desktop Technician, Systems Analyst, NOC Manager, Change Manager & ITSM Lead, and ultimately has led to his role as the Service Delivery Manager for GreenLight Group.  

In this role he is focused on customer satisfaction and delivery of services from GreenLight in a timely and effective way that provides value and builds lasting relationships with our clients.

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