We Value Partnerships

Helping bridge existing and emerging technologies, Micro Focus accelerates, simplifies and strengthens business operations through digital transformation which allows enterprises to stay relevant in a competitive landscape.

Vertica provides high-performing analytics and machine learning to some of the world’s leading data-driven companies, enabling them to easily apply powerful functions to the largest and most demanding analytical workloads.

AWS is the new titan in cloud computing with millions of active customers and tens of thousands of partners globally. With the most extensive global cloud infrastructure spanning 24 geographic regions around the world, AWS offers tremendous value in the enterprise service management space.

Along with a number of robust solutions for both consumers and businesses, Microsoft offers limitless data and analytics capabilities with Azure. The capabilities allow for quicker adaptation and immediate insights that perfectly compliment our engineered solutions.

GreenLight group partners with Looker to reveal the true power of data and bring greater clarity. Looker supports many data sources without compromising on transparency or security. As a result, workflows are invigorated.

With Cherwell, GreenLight Group seeks to evolve your enterprise service management and IT operations environment through transparency and accelerated IT responsiveness. Cherwell and GreenLight group share the common goal of changing IT service management for the better.

Although there are many players operating within the cloud, they do not have to do so separately. Cloud connection drives technology forward. No one understands that better than Red hat. The future belongs to the flexible.

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Our partnerships have shaped our enterprise service management solutions, adding value to what we do. For more information on how GreenLight can introduce greater efficiency into your IT operation processes with our powerful service management tools, contact us today.

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