Server Patching

Mitigate Internal Vulnerabilities

In the backend data world, there are a number risks that can be mitigated by proper server patching. Malware is designed to attack weaknesses within a system, steal passwords, and ultimately take control of the network. Such malwares affect thousands of businesses each year, and can cost billions in collective dollars.

It is a common misconception that only archaic systems are targeted as attack vectors for a company. The reality is, every server is susceptible to breaching, especially if the proper processes are not in place. Server patching is often overlooked in the word of IT operations, yet can help prevent some of the largest issues a business can encounter. At GreenLight Group, we provide expert server patching solutions to keep your information safe, and your IT operations running smoothly.

Our Processes Provide Lasting Protection

Patching servers is an age-old exercise in IT operations, though it is a monotonous task that requires time and undeviating attention. There is also added complexity when adding the element of patch compatibility. Ensuring the patchwork works well with specific applications, operating systems, and according to compliance expectations is a large responsibility- a perfect storm for headaches among your IT operations team.

Server patching is best performed in a systematic, automated way. That is precisely the solution that GreenLight Group provides. From testing to maintenance and automation, we are experts in implementing the best process for your needs. Our solutions are perfect for Enterprise clients who have large systems that need powerful automation and reliable maintenance.

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