The GreenLight Difference

GreenLight is an engineering services firm. Nearly every single employee is an engineer with years of experience behind the keyboard. A lot of our competitors have an army of salespeople and very little experience delivering. GreenLight’s model is the opposite - lots of engineers, and fewer salespeople. This experience is baked into our service automation and IT operations solutions and delivered expertly to enterprise organizations.

We Are Passionate About Our Solutions

Leveraging technology and sharing real-world experience with customers is what we love todo. GreenLight’s view is that the success of organizations that use our service automation and IT operations solutions is driven more by how people and processes are implemented than it is by the actual technology. Technology is the easy part, driving a portion of organizational change. But it’s people and processes that need to be recruited in order to leverage a SaaS-based solution that brings maximum value. Our expertise and passion lie in such efforts, and our solutions are a reflection of that.

GreenLight Group Values

We are invested in helping our clients find optimal utility and have a number of established values that drive such efforts. Some of our core values include:
  • Integrity– We will always be honest with our customers, admit our mistakes, and point out all flaws we encounter.  We believe this is the only path that leads to true success in IT, in business, and in life. It is difficult to provide effective service automation and IT operations solutions otherwise. 
  • Keep it Simple – Complicated solutions are generally not the best for anyone.  Get creative with your solutions to keep them simple.  Don’t overthink the problem –most things are fairly simple.
  • Drive to Completion – Always keep projects moving forward.
  • Communicate Responsibly and Build Relationships – When communicating always ask “does this build trust?”.  How we communicate can build or hurt GreenLight’s reputation with the customer.
  • Disagree and Commit – We will not always agree. Voice your disagreements, but then commit to putting your best effort forward, despite what decision is made.
  • Learn and Be Curious – Never be satisfied with the status quo.  There is always room for improvement and always new things to learn.
  • Ownership– Take ownership of your tasks, successes, and mistakes.  If you make a mistake, own it and learn from it.  If you are successful in something, share with others so all can benefit.
  • Accountability– When given a task, own it and complete it. It is your responsibility.  Take the initiative to stay on track.  Be accountable for it.
  • Teamwork- Whether it’s a team of two people or many, if it includes internal or external members, or any of the other ways a group could be put together, it’s critical they be able to work together effectively to meet their objectives.

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