Different levels of support offerings to suit your business needs.

GreenLight Group has an array of support offerings that are broken down into different levels of service - from merely having GreenLight assist with the processing of annual maintenance and renewal contracts with the actual software vendor, all the way to taking first call support, or even by leveraging GITOpS in a more all-encompassing support model.

The varying levels of support services GreenLight Group provides will allow you to select the most effective combination of expertise and support to meet your needs. Support Services from GreenLight Group offer a myriad of features such as software releases and patch updates, self-help tools, proactive notifications, and more. As a result, you can remain up to date, experience speedy resolutions, and even help prevent potential problems before they impact software performance.

Client evaluations to truly get to know you.

Our engineers implement a formal customer evaluation and take the time to truly get to know you. This extensive evaluation allows GreenLight to help you increase the proficiency of your IT staff, coupled with increased productivity of your Micro Focus software. GreenLight Group’s support team is made up of qualified engineers who possess the skills and experience necessary to diagnose, correct, and often foresee problems in your Micro Focus Software. As a Micro Focus Global Services Integrator (SVI) certified partner and Managed Services Partner, GreenLight Group is your one-stop-shop for your support needs.

Expert solutions

Due to our comprehensive troubleshooting experience, especially within complex IT environments, we’re able to identify your point of contention and implement the expert solution necessary to get your system back online. GreenLight Group will return to continually evaluate our solutions and train and coach your IT staff. The systems management, professional services, and support knowledge we bring you will create a culture that proactively discovers and manages critical issues and creates a more efficiently balanced operations management team.

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