What is GreenLight Group?

GreenLight Group is an IT Engineering Services firm. We specialize in IT Operations, Service Management, and Automation.

What services does GreenLight provide?

GreenLight offers a number of services to our customers:
• Strategic IT consulting for those organizations who need assistance determining move forward strategies
• Professional Services for those organizations who need assistance for a project-based scope of work
• GreenLight IT Operations Services (‘GITOpS’)

Our GITOpS solutions bring:
• Subscription-based SaaS and On-Premise Solutions to common IT challenges
• Ultimate Flexibility - more flexible licensing models than other competitors
• Proven Enterprise Software Solutions
• Knowledge and Expertise
• Competitive pricing (down to 15 user minimums)Option for concurrent user license to reduce costs
• No hidden license structure changes for future renewals
• No surprise License Costs at next renewal
• Intuitive design and codeless customization make for easier administration and configuration.
• Upgrades included and non-intrusive
• Add-ons available to provide customer-specific use cases
• Advanced data analytics for a smarter guided experience
• Advanced ticketing features such as auto-OCR of image and auto-categorization.
• Controlled data sovereignty. The customer has the option to host on-premises in a different cloud provider or different cloud datacenter geo. • Driving the Next Generation with true cloud-native multi-tenant solution

How is your service licensed?

Our Enterprise Service Management service is licensed per technician who works on a ticket. We offer both named and concurrent license models. End users and Approvers are included with technician licenses.

Enterprise Event Management, Enterprise Server OS patching and remediation, and Enterprise Server security compliance and remediation are all licensed on a per Operating System Instance model.

Who are the services provided for?

GreenLightGroup focuses primarily on enterprise clients who want to improve their automations and IT operations processes.

What is included in your service?

UI & API access to the application, uptime SLA, support, etc. Everything you would expect from a managed solution.
SaaS-based solutions include all patches and upgrades (at least once per year).

What specific qualifications do you have?

GreenLight Group carries a number of important credentials including:
• Micro Focus Software Platinum Partner (16years running)
• Micro Focus Authorized Managed Service Provider
• Micro Focus Front Line Support Provider
• Decades of implementation experience of Enterprise Software solutions from multiple vendors and day-to-day support experience in Fortune 1000 and larger enterprise IT organizations.

How long to “change” the way we operate or do a given thing?

This varies by organization, and the organization's responsiveness to “organizational change”.  GITOpS enables the technologies and processes, but an organization still has the organizational change aspect of the new/updated processes that need to be addressed. When it comes to IT operations, changes are constant, but customers who are willing to make the organizational adjustments see success quickly, in a matter of weeks.

How do we get better at {insert function ofchoice here}?

With the delivery of all our solutions and services, we offer best practice guidance to help organizations mature. We are experts in IT operations management.

How do you make my licensing “easier” to understand?

We have a very simple license model already, but if there are any questions, our team is always available to clarify any questions from any of our customers.

Can you Create a Custom Offering for My Business?

Of course! Contact your sales representative, or complete the “contact us” form found throughout our website and someone will reach out to you to discuss. GreenLight Group is one of the leading Utah IT operations and service management companies. We offer robust solutions to businesses large and small in a wide range of locations and industries. We would love to work with you to create a customized solution for your needs.

Get in touch with our experts. Schedule a 30 minute call for more information.

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