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Automation in the enterprise means different things to different people within an organization. GreenLight Group’s Automation practice spans infrastructure automation through to RPA. We partner with our customers to identify where the business value in automation can be delivered. Then we explore their current solutions and the value they provide to identify the gaps. Finally, we design a road map that emphasizes maximum value with minimal complexity and time.

Provisioning, Patching, and Compliance

Build and manage hybrid cloud services in an environment that will grow and adapt to your business needs and not lock you down to a rigid, single-vendor solution. Utilize full-scale server and application deployment solutions that include security, provisioning, policy-based management, and compliance.

Orchestration and RPA

Reduce errors, boost performance, and save time and money. Runbook automation and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software improves service quality by standardizing on reliable, repeatable, and fully auditable task automation. Easily manage installation, update, removal, and reporting to define configuration for proprietary packaging, imported files, objects, and scripts. Leverage RPA for “screen scrape”-style automation. Orchestrate the operations and timely delivery of infrastructure and services to the business with consistency and compliance.

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