The Bread and Butter of IT Operations Management

Our GITOpS enterprise service management solution has been engineered to create a seamless workflow in the following areas:

Incident management. For IT professionals and DevOps teams, proper management of solutions is crucial in order to decrease downtime and likelihood of crashes. In the event of an incident, our GITOps enterprise service management solution will promptly alert you and generate a report of the problem while workflows are automated to ensure proper, systematic response to the incident.

Change management. When handling IT changes, the key is to do so without disrupting IT services. IT change management should not weigh down your process, but rather act as an advancement to your current delivery model. GITOpS provides a robust solution that allows your enterprise to manage changes without disruption.

Problem and root cause analysis. The first step in handling a seemingly unsolvable IT operations problem is to identify the root cause. Our enterprise service management solution defines the problem, the reasons behind the problem, and identifies the root cause bringing you quickly to the source of an issue. Every step of the process is carefully tracked and documented.

Configuration management. In the convoluted world of IT operations, having a process that establishes and maintains the consistency of a product’s performance is essential. Such a process can eliminate a world of problems. With GITOpS, your enterprise will see the introduction of powerful processes that encourage consistency by allowing you to track and monitor all of your items effortlessly.

Mingling Simplicity and Flexibility

Our Enterprise Service Management solution is robust and versatile. GITOpS runs all management tools through a customizable end-user portal which can be leveraged not just by IT but by everyone from HR to Facilities, allowing for true Enterprise Service Management to be achieved. For more information on our GITOpS solutions, get in touch with a GreenLight group expert for a brief consultation.


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