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Utilizing GreenLight IT Operations Services (GITOpS), customers have the ability to leverage GreenLight Group’s expertise to run and manage Micro Focus ITOM solution for day-to-day operations, taking the technology constraints out of the equation. By leveraging Micro Focus’s Managed Services Licensing Program in combination with our Amazon Web Services (AWS) partnership, GreenLight Group can offer customers subscription-based licensing for core ITOM capabilities hosted in AWS’s secure infrastructure at very competitive prices. GITOpS is a unique offering that only GreenLight’s expertise can bring.

We at GreenLight Group recognize that no two customers are alike. Using existing perpetual licenses, or building with our subscription licenses, running from the cloud, or in the customers public/private cloud environment, GITOpS allows customers to choose a model that best suits the needs of their business, thus allowing the customer the utmost flexibility so specific conditions can be accounted for.

Let’s drill down into those four pillars of IT Operations in more detail to discuss what GITOpS really does for the enterprise.

1. Service management/help desk operations. This is the bread and butter of IT operations management, including incident management, change management, problem and root cause analysis, and configuration management. GITOpS runs all of this through a customizable end-user portal which can be leveraged not just by IT but by everyone from HR to Facilities, allowing for true Enterprise Service Management to be achieved.

2. Event management. Event management comprises database and transaction monitoring and log collection and analysis. GITOpS powered by Micro Focus uses this information to drive predictive analytics, correlating, aggregating, and consolidating events from various sources to reduce noise. By merging OS and application monitored data with machine learning driven AI, it is easier to see where bottlenecks are merging or how certain devices or processes are impacting performance in the production environment..

3. Enterprise server OS patching and remediation. Server patching is a constant, yet thankless task in every IT environment – ideally occurring weekly, if not more frequently. GITOpS powered by Micro Focus streamlines this tedious process by checking for needed patches and orchestrating and automating the patch process. It’s all done as an agentless process, so software agents needn’t be deployed to the entire infrastructure to roll out changes.

4. Server security compliance and remediation. This is a counterpart to server patching that involves actively scanning the infrastructure to discover vulnerabilities – and to repair them as they are uncovered. This piece of the system goes beyond patching OS vulnerabilities by actively finding flaws in database or other software, and as with the GITOpS server patching system, it’s designed to be both automated and agentless.

Allowing you to focus on what is important.

Providing Ultimate Flexibility

Using existing perpetual licenses, or building with our subscription licenses, running from the cloud, or in your public/private cloud environment, GITOpS allows customers to choose a model that best suits the needs of their business.

Proven Enterprise Software Solutions

Leveraging a blend of industry proven Enterprise Software Solutions, GITOpS reduces TCO, maximizes value, and most importantly, allows you to focus on the things that are truly important to your organization. GITOpS helps take the chaos of managing the ITOM environment and turns it into a smooth sailing enterprise.

Knowledge and Expertise

GreenLight’s engineering staff, with decades of ITOM experience, has helped many of the world’s largest organizations standardize, establish, and maintain effective day-to-day operations – a challenge that plague so many of today’s IT organizations. GITOpS takes this knowledge and expertise and embeds it into your organization. We partner with you by merging your business needs with cutting edge software technology that also delivers intuitive and effective custom care..

Driving the Next Generation

GITOpS offerings are moving toward a container-based architecture to allow customers to get the value of application containers without having to be experts. All GITOpS solutions take into consideration a container-based deployment. Let GITOpS worry about the technology, and let your customers focus on what’s important.  After all, GITOpS brings IT Chaos to Order.


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