Micro Focus Presents How To Simplify & Unify Your Hybrid Cloud Provisioning

March 4, 2021 11:00 AM
Virtual Event

Join Micro Focus To Learn:

How To Simplify & Unify Your Hybrid Cloud Provisioning & Gain Transparent Cloud Governance Today

Event Description:  

Learn about the latest cloud trends amidst COVID-19. Even long-delayed transformations have sped up as organizations look to pivot and thrive in the face of unexpected challenges. Micro Focus HCMX delivers leading capabilities for cloud management including consistent, unified provisioning in complex hybrid cloud environments, and strong governance for cost-effective cloud spending and enterprise-wide IT compliance.

Special Guest:
Guests will also enjoy an exclusive virtual fireside chat and audience Q&A session with Spud Webb of the NBA – a slam dunk contest winner and one of the shortest players in NBA history at 5’7”! Be sure to prepare questions, as we will bring guests on-screen LIVE to ask Spud during the session!

Make it a Family Event! Catch up on clips of Spud Webb before the event and have your family join you for the live interview and Q&A.

Optional Free Gift

As a thank you for attending, guests can select to receive a free gift which includes both a personalized autographed photo from Spud, and a $25 Grub Hub “lunch on us” gift card at registration.

(One photo and gift card per family. Please allow 4 weeks post event to receive gift items.)

Overview of the Agenda:

  • Micro Focus Presents How To Simplify & Unify Your Hybrid Cloud Provisioning
  • Fireside chat with Spud Webb (biography attached) Session moderated by Teddy Greenstein, National Sportswriter for the Chicago Tribune
  • Selected Audience Live Q&A

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