Impact of Covid-19

It's unlikely anyone sat down and made a plan for 2020 that included a global pandemic.

Even companies prepared to deal with any one of a variety of disasters would have had a difficult time anticipating all of the things we continue to live through.  This experience has permanently changed how we interact with each other in every aspect of our lives.  Technology has proven itself to be more critical than ever in how we function, communicate, strive to keep businesses open, and continue to keep employees working.  As time goes on, we see things evolve from the hope of getting “back to normal” to trying to identify what the “new normal” may finally be.

GreenLight Group has, like you, been impacted by these events.

To continue to protect the health of you, our employees, and their families, we suspended all travel and any participation at in-person events.  However, this doesn't mean we're not available.  We continue to host webinars on a regular basis, and our highly skilled support team is always here to service our customers at the level they have come to expect from us.  

Humans are resilient in our very nature.  One day we will be able to look back at this time and see what we accomplished together in the face of adversity.

Until the time comes when we can gather together again, please stay healthy and safe!
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