The Forrester Wave™: 2019 ESM Vendor Analysis


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Every year, Forrester conducts an analysis of the top IT Service Management (ITSM) vendors in the market and provides a diagram and review of how suppliers compare with one another. Using a transparent review process, Forrester compares vendors in the ITSM market so buyers can make the best business decision without having to invest in their own initial research. This report is called The Forrester Wave™ and is a tool for buyers weighing their purchasing options in the technology marketplace.

Forrester collects details of each vendor using questionnaires, customer surveys, and demos to evaluate them.

The Forrester Wave™ assessment provides organizations an evaluation of Leaders, Strong Performers, Contenders, and Challengers in Enterprise Service Management. In the 2019 report, Forrester measures 15 ITSM companies by the strength of their current offering and their strategy. The visual also shows how much market presence each supplier currently holds. Forrester delivers detailed analysis of vendors’ products and services, and an Excel spreadsheet that allows clients to easily compare products and create custom shortlists according to their own needs.

The Forrester Wave™ includes Micro Focus as a Market Leader in their assessment.

Forrester makes note that Micro Focus’ Service Management Automation X (SMAX) has evolved to expand the scope of services beyond IT and integrate further intelligence into the service delivery lifecycle.

Forrester also mentions that Micro Focus “provides one of the most intelligent enterprise service management platforms currently available, including uniquely advanced automated change risk scoring and proactive change optimization suggestions”.

See The Forrester Wave™ evaluation here

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