The Challenges of Supporting a Remote Workforce

Dan Shallenberger, Technical Sales Manager

In the wake of COVID-19, a large percentage of people are currently working from home. This poses a logistical nightmare for anyone trying to support these employees. What happens if someone has a problem usually solved with deskside support?

How do you help a non-IT user resolve issues with their home network so they can continue functioning?

The answer to this predicament must certainly include enabling your workers to self-help. Self-help is something organizations have been moving toward for years, but most have struggled with getting it right. Requirements for success include having a service portal people want to use, clear and concise solutions that are easily searchable, a clear list of options when the problem goes beyond self-help, and an understanding by employees as to why it’s valuable to them and the organization to pursue self-help. The last piece is the hardest to achieve, but given that the first three are met, it does become easier.

Many service portals do not meet these requirements. The portal is cumbersome and hard to use. The knowledge, if it exists at all, is difficult to find.  Too many options are offered when someone does need to open a ticket. The solution is one part technology with many parts service catalog and knowledge refinement.

Taking these steps helps workers achieve efficiency and technical knowledge that is real and long lasting.

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