SMAX Portal Upgrades

Torrey Jones, Principal Consultant

As the retirement of Adobe Flash comes to realization at the end of 2020, many historical Micro Focus ITSM customers are needing to migrate to a new portal based on SMAX technology. There is a free path for the new portal, however it is showing challenging as customers evaluate the infrastructure needs to support the updated Portal interface.

GreenLight offers customers the ability to provide a SaaS experience for their updated portal. Additionally, we offer added capabilities when leveraging GreenLight’s SaaS experience offering for the portal.  GreenLight has developed an enhanced integration that brings added value over the Micro Focus integration available in the first half of 2020.  

This enhanced integration supports User Options, Attachments, and numerous other items that many customers need in order to migrate to the new portal.

Lastly, many on-premises customers appreciate the capability GreenLight provides them to “bring their own license”, as GreenLight has the only North American-based SaaS Experience solution for perpetually licensed customers! This flexibility allows customers a faster time to value for their Portal migration projects, greatly increasing their chance for successful migrations!

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