Ovum: 2019 RPA Vendor Analysis


Joe Madden, President and Founder

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Ovum is a market research company under the umbrella of the global technology research company, Omdia. Ovum is a leader in market research and consulting and is focused on helping organizations make informed technology decisions. They also help technology vendors better understand the market they wish to provide their services within.

Ovum has approximately 150 analysts throughout the world that provide thorough analysis and understanding in the IT industry.

Ovum conducted market research on Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and provided an overview and recommendations for business leaders currently evaluating an RPA solution. This overview includes business and IT factors that drive RPA adoption, trends and challenges, and recommendations for IT professionals considering implementing RPA in their enterprise. Ovum cites RPA as a valuable tool for any organization relying on human labor for routine and repetitive tasks.  Ovum makes a note in their report that RPA technology is constantly evolving and can do much more.

For Ovum’s 2019 evaluation, Micro Focus provided a demonstration of their RPA solution to show its key features and capabilities. Ovum reports that "Micro Focus Robotic Process Automation is an enterprise-grade solution based on the company's decades of experience with operations orchestration (OO) and unified functional testing (UFT) products”. The assessment makes note that Micro Focus RPA allows its users the ability to combine screen-based robotic automation with IT automation in a single UI and that Micro Focus RPA offers a central dashboard allowing users to assign encrypted, role-based credentials to each robot for secure robot management.

Micro Focus’ RPA robots are cited by Ovum for their ability to easily adjust to UI changes that include size, color, and position. This adaptability helps organizations reduce their overall robot maintenance costs.

See the Ovum report here

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