How Data Analytics Can Increase the Intelligence of an Organization

To an IT professional, data is the most valuable business asset. 

Reliable data is a driving force in the modern world, allowing organizations to find customer insight, add layers of protection, and create new revenue opportunities. There are four important data sets that aid in customer retention as well as business growth, both representing large reservoirs of useful information. 

Descriptive Data

Not surprisingly, descriptive data is that which describes the state of a business. As the amount of captured data continues to increase, a focus on its actionable reconfiguration should be at the forefront. Vast stores of random data add little value if they are overwhelming and unorganized. Clear, interpretable forms such as tables, charts, and graphics make it easy to establish trends and timeframes, gathering useful statistics from the past.  When drilling down an IT operations management solution for your organization, make sure it provides the descriptive data you need in a digestible way. 

Predictive Data 

While descriptive and predictive data seem to have oppositional objectives, they are actually very closely related. Predictive tools work to generate forecasts that address the question, “what might happen in the future?” In the world of IT, capturing the correlations between targeted data sets is invaluable, helping to improve processes and impact growth. Such correlations are leverageable, meaning they open up opportunities for work to be done that can ultimately move your organization forward. As is the case with descriptive data, clear, interpretable predictive analytics are a must for ITOM professionals. 

Prescriptive Analytics

Prescriptive analytics are those that are useful in determining the best course of action for a given situation. In practice, these analytics work with predictive data, improving the accuracy of predictions for the provision of better decision options. 

Descriptive Analytics.

Descriptive data is used for the purpose of determining ‘what happened?’ Descriptive analytics describes the use of a range of historic data to draw comparisons, and ultimately, make improvements. 

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Not All Analytics Softwares Are Created Equal

Each integration your organization makes should be a strategic move with the future in mind. When choosing an IT operations management partner that manages your business’s most valuable asset, some important considerations must be made. Here are some of the main benefits a proper solution should provide:


Unorganized data is not accessible data. Analysis should not require more effort than it takes to gather the data itself. Productive analytics are clear and actionable. 


A clear road to success is one that affords its traveler visibility. In the IT world, this visibility will allow organizations to recognize and mitigate security threats before they are able to cause harm.


Quality is a result of continual adaptation. With machine learning that optimizes massive data sets, quality business predictions can be made. 


In our world, the expectation is always speed. Identifying hidden insights that help resolve root causes and improve operational performance should not require more time than necessary.

Painless Resolution

The idea is to find relief from growing pains, not to intensify them. Analytics should act as a remedy to headaches, addressing the root problems without all the noise. 


Innovative solutions are those that are always welcome to new technologies. Solutions with an open architecture and friendliness towards integration will be the ones that last. 

GreenLight Group: Your Trusted IT Operations Partner

Through the provision of valuable data analytics, your organization will gain flexibility, making smoother, more coordinated movements. Having a firm grasp on the past while keeping a thumb on the future has never been more important for business. Our role at GreenLight group is that of an experienced data partner, streamlining processes and making lives easier so you can experience growth while keeping your hair. Our solutions are powerful yet digestible, bringing simplicity into the IT world. For questions regarding our solutions, reach out to us today. We are always happy to help. 

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