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If you were to ask IT professionals what the most time intensive, costly, and difficult component of the IT department, most would give you the answer of Operations. Because of the importance of IT Operations, it is vital for businesses to keep up with the latest technology trends. Otherwise, the organization risks falling behind of the competition and becoming irrelevant in the marketplace. However, many leaders of IT delay modernizing their operations due to challenges and risks associated with making these changes.


At GreenLight Group, our goal is to unload the burden of IT Operations from IT managers and streamline the most central elements of IT Operations. It is a concept so unique from what most IT managers are probably used to that we even gave it a name: GreenLight IT Operations Services (GITOpS). Designed by an experienced technology organization with decades of experience in IT Operations, GITOpS is powered by Micro Focus and has been a partner for the company’s Service Management Automation X (SMAX) offering for more than two years.


To this day, GreenLight Group is the only provider of SMAX technologies that offers a cloud-based SaaS solution.

In today’s business environment, time to market and time to value are key. GITOpS, powered by Micro Focus, was built with these priorities in mind, and was designed to free your IT Operations staff from becoming mired in menial tasks that add little value to the enterprise. GITOpS was designed to be a flexible system that can work in your data center or on the cloud and if you have new or existing licenses to leverage. Backed by extensive ITOM expertise, GITOpS brings automation and enhanced visibility to your enterprise IT Operations functionality. This ultimately creates a day-to-day operational environment you can easily manage, which allows your team to focus on more productive and value-added tasks.

The challenges businesses face with IT Operations affects IT departments in organizations across all industries. Leaving your IT Operations team to fall behind the competition could have a significant impact to your company’s bottom line. By reducing repetitive tasks, automating recurring activities, and improving the management of your IT assets, GITOpS, powered by Micro Focus, is the key to lowering costs, improving employee morale, and boosting the overall security profile of your enterprise.

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