Gartner: Market Guide for Cloud Management Tooling, 2021


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Cloud management solutions and platforms allow organizations to manage multi-cloud services and resources. This involves requirements such as providing governance, brokering, automation, and life cycle management for managed cloud infrastructure resources across multiple functional areas. A cloud management tool can be purchased and managed from within a line of business, can be deployed on premises or as a SaaS solution, and by central organizations.

In the cloud management world, the tooling market is quickly advancing.

Because of this, companies now have numerous options for solutions to meet their automation, governance, life cycle management, and brokering requirements across multi-cloud environments. Additionally, vendors will encounter strong competition from multiple cloud management solutions. Gartner mentions that the cloud management tooling market is estimated to see compound annual growth of 20% through 2023. In their evaluation, they note that the market is made up of multiple segments that include cloud management platforms, third-party point tools, cloud providers, and managed service providers. Each of these segments offer a multitude of benefits for your organization. Gartner is here to support you on making the best and cost-effective decision for your enterprise.

In their analysis for cloud management solutions, Gartner shares common use cases for organizations to keep in mind when choosing a solution that will meet their requirements. These use cases comprise cloud provisioning and orchestration, cloud service brokering, cloud governance, and cloud resource management. Furthermore, Gartner reveals that infrastructure and operations leaders have a choice between centralized and decentralized models. In a centralized model, it will be operated and managed from within the infrastructure and operations, a cloud center of excellence, or a platform group. Gartner goes on to note that a decentralized model is likely to be managed from within a line of business. Gartner recommends that larger cloud deployments should choose a centralized model for the most efficient solution to meet their requirements.

In Gartner’s market guide for cloud management, they recognize Micro Focus for their Hybrid Cloud Management X offering. After Micro Focus acquired multiple software assets from Hewlett Packard Enterprise in 2017, they have spent the past several years reengineering many of their cloud management assets. In Gartner’s analysis, they state that Hybrid Cloud Management X is capable of handling complex on-premises requirements in addition to cloud management. Gartner also recommends Hybrid Cloud Management X for organizations with a complex on-premises environment that is selectively migrating workloads to multiple public cloud environments. Gartner advises that Micro Focus has multiple solutions that address cloud management functionality and include monitoring and observability, inventory and classification, cost management and workload optimization, cloud migration, backup and disaster recover, and security.

GreenLight Group is a trusted partner of Micro Focus cloud management solutions, and we strive to help our customers grow and adopt to business needs by offering subscription-based IT operations management capabilities hosted in secure hybrid cloud infrastructure. GreenLight Group can run these solutions on any public cloud, on premises, or in a legacy VM.

Our team at GreenLight Group continues to evolve our cloud managed services, and we have over 20 years of experience working with large enterprise clients.

Throughout our activities, we have created fitting solutions based on each individual organization’s needs and requirements.

Seethe Gartner Market Guide for Cloud Management Tooling here

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