Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) Radar Report: 2020 OpsB Vendor Analysis


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Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) is an industry-leading market analyst and consulting company focusing on providing IT professionals and enterprise service management vendors with a thorough understanding of IT and data management technologies. The EMA Radar Report provides IT professionals and technology buyers with a valuable understanding of the design information and strengths of the top seventeen AIOps solutions invited to participate in the evaluation.

EMA provides organizations with three different radars of the vendors they evaluate.

The first is an EMA Radar that evaluates technology providers for their incident, performance, and availability management. The next EMA Radar measures the change management and capacity optimization of the vendor’s solution. The last EMA Radar assesses the business impact and IT-to-Business alignment of the suppliers. Each evaluation places the solution impact and deployment cost efficiency into three categories: Basic, Moderate, and Exceptional.

The 2020 EMA Radar considers Micro Focus to be Exceptional in Solution Impact and Moderate in Deployment Cost Efficiency in all three evaluations.

Micro Focus received a special award from EMA for being the “Most Balanced Use Case Value” for its AIOps solution.

Micro Focus’ AIOps solution is noted for its breadth of role-aware capabilities and a unified solution among the enterprise. EMA mentions that Micro Focus’ AIOps tools have a wealth of workflows, third-party integrations, and evolved AI/ML to support real-world requirements.

One Micro Focus customer, a director at a global communications service provider, states, “With Operations Bridge, we’ve been able to consolidate our toolset investments across all tiers of service delivery, with both operational and CapEx savings. Automation is driving new levels of efficiency so we can refocus around higher-value activities. For instance, we’ve been able to reduce incident volumes by 76% and reduce MTTR for major incidents by nearly 400%.”

See the EMA Radar here

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