5 Signs Your IT Is Unhealthy

Information technology—  a term we sometimes forget is relatively new and ever-growing. Of course, IT systems serve many purposes within a stable organization and work to make processes more efficient and seamless across the board. Establishing faster communication, maintaining electronic storage, and protecting valuable data are all things that require good people, tools, strategies, and execution. It can be difficult at times to reign everything in— a difficulty that can easily lead to inadvertent neglect. Here are some clear signs that your IT is suffering from such neglect and is in need of improvement. 

1. Lack of Budget

One of the greatest misconceptions in the modern world is that IT is something of high cost that provides little value. Any organization that communicates through an online network or captures/stores data needs to manage its IT properly. Failure to do so can prove catastrophic. If your organization is growing and struggles to get budgetary approval for necessary IT operations improvement, future needs are likely being ignored. 

2. Reactive Operation

A successful IT operations management approach is proactive, not reactive. Whether your organization is dealing with minor, daily disruptions or threatening system emergencies, these issues shouldn’t frequently be catching your department off-guard. If this is the case, you may want to consider a new IT management solution to combat such problems. 

3. No Dedicated Troubleshooters

When an unexpected IT need arises (an almost unavoidable occurrence) who is the one tasked with addressing the issue? Does your organization have a designated IT department? Is there someone on your team who has a deep understanding of troubleshooting protocols that doesn’t also have their focus tied to other important things? If not, your IT is likely experiencing struggles or will be later down the road.  

4. Frequent Data Breaches or System Outages

Whether system issues are caused by unauthorized use, malware, human error, or criminal hacking, it is of little consequence if there is no solution. Staying on top of your organization’s threats requires the proper tools and resources. If frequent data breaches and system outages occur, it is an indication that your current solutions and process may be inadequate.  

5. Misalignment with Business Goals

The overreaching goal for almost any business is growth. If your organization’s data technology and IT operations management processes are inhibitive, then growth will undoubtedly be impacted. Good IT management will work to reduce an organization’s costs, improve overall performance, react to market changes, increase customer satisfaction, drive revenue and benefit the general workplace. Poor IT management will work to the opposite end. Always be sure your business and your IT are working together. 

Implementing the Right Solutions for Your Organization

At GreenLight Group, we offer sustainable solutions that improve the health of your IT, allowing your organization to focus on growth. In short, we create systems that make things work well. That is the philosophy that moves us forward— to take the chaos of IT and bring order to it; to master a complex thing and make it simpler. Our aim is to help enterprises sustain growth well into the future. If you have any questions about how to improve your current processes, contact us today.

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