GITOpS powered by Micro Focus offers SolarWinds mitigation

For customers impacted by the SolarWinds issues of 2020, GreenLight Group is offering existing SolarWinds customers a cost effective alternative to SolarWinds network and system monitoring solutions.  

Given recent events, GreenLight Group is offering a cost effective transition off of SolarWinds to one of the world’s most trusted Network Operations Management platforms. GITOpS, powered by Micro Focus, offers network management solutions for customers impacted by SolarWinds’ recent exposure.  Our trusted partner, Micro Focus, is an industry-leading software manufacturer that, among other things, provides enterprise customers with IT Operations Management solutions as well as Cyber Resilient solutions. By combining Micro Focus’s Cyber Resilience solutions into the software development pipeline, Micro Focus software is naturally one of the most secure software distribution pipelines.

“The Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) and the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) have issued advisories detailing the active vulnerability of the SolarWinds Orion Platform versions 2019.4 and 2020.2.1.  Micro Focus is inspecting its corporate environment and are actively reviewing its infrastructure and partnership with third parties.  We have not found a vulnerability at this time. This story is still unfolding, and the Micro Focus Cyber Security team is actively monitoring information from both CISA and NCSC.”
– Genefa Murphy, Micro Focus CMO

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This sounds too good to be true, what is the catch?

GreenLight Group, a Platinum Partner of Micro Focus Software, is in a unique position to offer term-based licensing with cost effectiveness to SolarWinds customers to aid in risk mitigation efforts. Implementations can start as early as January 2021. Customers will be required to engage in a GITOpS contract to manage the solution on behalf of the customer.

Why do you require a GITOpS contract to get cost-effective pricing on a SolarWinds replacement?

GreenLight Group understands that customers need to react to the situation quickly, and organizations will not have time to ramp up resources familiar with Micro Focus NOM. A GITOpS managed service agreement allows customers to have a quick time to value and a faster deployment to help mitigate the risk. Through the GITOpS agreement, GreenLight Group provides 100% of the engineering resources to provide the fastest possible deployment to impacted customers.

How long is the term of the subscription?

Minimum 1 year term, and up to 3 year subscription term is available.

Is subscription licensing the only option?

No, customers can acquire perpetual licenses as well. Perpetual licenses require an annual support and maintenance contract.  If perpetual licenses are chosen, customers may choose to opt out of the GITOpS managed service contract.

What is the timeframe to replace SolarWinds functionality with a GITOpS solution?

Given the project requirements to replace SolarWinds, most organizations will be able to promptly adjust from SolarWinds ACL rules to GITOpS NOM rules quickly.

What makes your solution more secure than SolarWinds?

SolarWinds requires that binaries be excluded from antivirus. GITOpS NOM does not have this requirement.  Furthermore, we encourage customers to perform full security scans of the deployed components.

What capabilities do you offer for Network Operations Management?

We have a Premium edition, and an Ultimate Edition available.

• NOM Suite Premium Edition includes all of the functionality of NOM Suite Express Edition plus network traffic monitoring, network IP quality assurance monitoring, SNMP trap analytics, Visio diagramming, automated configuration change deployments, automated network operating system upgrades, scheduled reporting content and customization via Operations Bridge Reporter Standard along with NOM Business Value Dashboards (BVD).

• NOM Suite Ultimate Edition includes all of the functionality of NOM Suite Premium Edition plus MPLS VPN monitoring, multicast monitoring, IP telephony monitoring, network orchestration, compliance auditing and remediation, security vulnerability compliance content, and industry best practice compliance content.

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