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Support Services

Our goal is to help you achieve:

By selecting the precise level of service you need for individual system performance.


To maximize the overall value of your IT investment.


GreenLight Support Customers

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Expert Solutions from Qualified Engineers

Our engineers implement a formal customer evaluation and take the time to truly know you. This extensive evaluation allows GreenLight to help you increase the proficiency of your IT staff coupled with increased productivity of your Micro Focus software. GreenLight Group’s support team is made up of qualified engineers who possess the skills and experience necessary to diagnose, correct and often foresee problems in your Micro Focus Software. As a Micro Focus Global Service Integrator (SVI) certified partner, GreenLight Group is your one stop shop for your support needs.


Due to our comprehensive troubleshooting experience, especially within complex IT environments, we’re able to identify your point of contention and implement the expert solution necessary to get your system back online.


GreenLight Group will return to continually evaluate our solutions and train and coach your IT staff. The systems management, professional services, and support knowledge we bring you will create a culture that proactively discovers and manages critical issues and creates a more efficiently balanced operations management team.

Problem Resolution: Gain access to expert technical resources


Software Updates: Get the latest updates, new features and available solutions


Access: Take advantage of our available self-solve support for being an Micro Focus client


Stability: Increase system performance and reduce downtime


Reduce TCO: Enable quicker time to resolution and reduce resource consumption


Optimization: Optimize your IT environment with our technical experience


Communication: Receive proactive notifications about new software versions and patches; opportunities to participate in discussion forums; and access to search our extensive online knowledge database

Levels of Support Offerings

The varying levels of Support Services allow you to select the most effective combination of expertise and support in order to meet your needs. GreenLight Groups’ Support Services offer a myriad of features such as software releases and patch updates, self-help tools, proactive notifications, and more.  As a result you are able to remain up to date, experience speedy resolutions, and even help prevent potential problems before they impact software performance.


Level One

Level Two

Level Three

GreenLight Group takes the first call. Our senior level engineering staff will get to know your environment, reducing the time your staff spend on support cases.

Micro Focus Support

x  Professional Services Included*

x  GreenLight Managed Environment

GreenLight Group Support

GreenLight IT Operations Services becomes the primary day to day operational application administration staff for your environments.

Micro Focus Support

GreenLight Group Support

Professional Services Included*

GreenLight Managed Environment

GreenLight Group engineers are able to be hands on, in your environments, remotely or onsite as needed.

GreenLight Group is able to help process and manage standard Micro Focus support contracts.

Micro Focus Support

Micro Focus Support

x  GreenLight Group Support

x  Professional Services Included*

x  GreenLight Managed Environment

GreenLight Group Support

Professional Services Included*

x GreenLight Managed Environment

*Any included professional services are limited to the scope agreed upon during negotiations.


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