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Upcoming GLG Webinar:

Exploring Unstructured Data and Analytics

June 18, 2014 @ 9am

Making sense out of unstructured data has challenged the fundamentals of traditional data analytics and has been a problem of keen interest for decades.  The presenters will bring to the front some analytics techniques and technology that will kick start the journey to unstructured data analytics.  Also discussed will be methods to identify which business problems can benefit the most from the use of unstructured data.

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Greenlight Group Enterprise Management Solutions, Software and Consultation:

Greenlight Group is a consulting and systems integration services firm.  We partner with our clients; merging the personal needs of your business with cutting edge software technology.  From evalutation to implementation and support.  Greenlight Group delivers custom care that is intuitive and effective.  A partnership with Greenlight Group is a partnership for your business life - our talended staff remains available at all points the future.

Greenlight Group is an HP Elite Partner whose expertise is demonstrated by our diverse clientele base - running the gamut from Fortune 500 companies to prominent regional industries.  As an HP Authorized Services Management Partner we provide end to end service for our range of HP Software solutions.

We specialize in Enterprise Monitoring Software: Operations Management, IT Service Management, Business Intelligence - Big Data, and Automation.  Our partners are leading software organizations such as HP, Vetica, VMware, SAP, Redhat and Splunk among others.