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IT Solutions For Your Company

Service Management

Service Management

Service Management enables IT to work as a single organization governed by a consistent set of processes optimizing the way your IT organization handles service delivery.


Asset Management

Manage your assets across procurement, active life cycle, and disposals so you can optimize hardware and software asset end-to-end usage for optimal value while lowering costs to the business.


Configuration Management

Comprehensively collect, store, manages, update, and present data about infrastructure, Applications, and Services, to understand the underlying relationships, all while lowering costs, mitigating risk, and ensure compliance.

Operations Management

Application Performance Management

Get clear, end-to-end application performance monitoring and isolate any problems for all of your applications whether on-premise, cloud, or mobile. This application monitoring software suite gives you a 360° view of performance, and allows you to monitor application performance and availability for all users at all locations, all the time, on business critical application services.


Operations Performance

Get a holistic single-screen view of all events, metrics, and topology data from across your diverse portfolio of tools and access it from desktops or mobile devices. It also empowers you to configure and automate application monitoring for today’s dynamic IT environments.


Network Management

Automate and simplify network management, with granular network analytics. All the key components of network management working together. Increase staff productivity and efficiency through consolidating and correlating fault and performance data and reducing the need for disparate diagnostic and monitoring tools.



Build and manage hybrid cloud services in a environment that will grow and adapt to your business needs and not lock you down into the rigidity of a single-vendor solution. Full-scale server and application deployment solutions that include security, provisioning, policy based management, and compliance.



Reduce errors, boost performance, and save time and money. Run Book IT automation software improves service quality by standardizing on reliable, repeatable, and fully auditable task automation. Easily manage installation, update, removal, and reporting to define configuration for proprietary packaging, imported files, objects, and scripts.  Orchestrate the operations and timely delivery of infrastructure and application services to the business with consistency and compliance.

GITOpS Platform

GreenLight IT Operations Services (GITOpS) allow customers to be able to leverage the expertise of GreenLight Group to run and manage their IT Operations Management solution(s) for day-to-day operations, taking the technology constraints out of the equation. By leveraging creative licensing programs in combination with our cloud infrastructure partnerships, GreenLight Group can offer customers subscription based licensing for core ITOM capabilities hosted in secure cloud infrastructure at very competitive prices. GITOpS is a unique offering that only GreenLight’s expertise can bring.

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Greenlight Group offers an array of Support offerings.  Support offerings are broken down into different levels of support - from merely having GreenLight assist with processing of annual maintenance and renewal contracts with the actual software vendor, to taking first call support, or even an all-encompassing support model by leveraging GITOpS.

The varying levels of Support Services allow you to select the most effective combination of expertise and support in order to meet your needs. Support Services from GreenLight Group offer a myriad of features such as software releases and patch updates, self-help tools, proactive notifications, and more.  As a result, you are able to remain up to date, experience speedy resolutions, and even help prevent potential problems before they impact software performance.

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Expertise You Can Rely On

Honesty and integrity are the foundations that our Customer Service is built upon.  We understand that improving your IT environment can be costly either through new software acquisitions and even upgrades.  We also know that most companies employ more than one, if not many, different software applications and getting them all to flow smoothly is a challenge.


GreenLight Group is committed to a partnership with our clients to ensure cost effective, flexible and collaborative engagements.  Our intent is not to sell you something you don't need, but to work with what you already have to make your environments functional and dynamic.


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